Essays by Ramsey Dukes

A series of short essays addressing objections raised by critics of magic - try them out on your skeptical friends!

1. Does Our Society Need Magic?
Without an understanding of Magic's place alongside Religion, Art and Science, we are prone to superstition.

2. Does Science Lead to Magic?
A challenge to the idea that Magic is a primitive forerunner of Science.

3. Magic as the Pursuit of Whole Brain Solutions
T the human tendency to anthropomorphise natural phenomena is not superstition but a sophisticated problem-solving technique.

4. Is Science more sensible than Magic?
Ramsey Dukes questions the notion that Science equals realism whereas Magic is escapist fantasy.

5. From Hunter/Gatherer to Cultivater
Whereas Science and Religion share a questing spirit (the search for Meaning, God or Truth) the philosophical approach of both Magic and Art is more like a cultivation or creation of Truth or Meaning.